Using Data in the Field

An eBook for Agribusiness Sales Professionals

Download this eBook if you want to know how to:
  • Master sales conversations through a full understanding of the farm operation
  • Develop targeted sales proposals that target farmers' pain points and solve their problems
  • Understand what happens when you don't use data
  • And much more...

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Imagine you could walk up to a farmer and offer them exactly what they're looking for. Sounds like a pretty powerful sales technique, right?

Believe it or not, it's completely achievable when you're working with dependable data. 

Proper data analysis and application can help you to:

  • Better understand farmers in your territory
  • Develop targeted sales proposals
  • Make a lasting impact during an initial consultation
  • Establish trust with farmers
  • Offer data-driven solutions that your competition cannot

Learn how you can use data to increase your market share, improve your ROI and master sales conversations in our eBook, Using Data in the Field. 


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