Guide to Agri-Data Security

When managing your agri-data, you need to make sure that your data is safe from being compromised - both internally and externally. 
Our Guide to Agri-Data Security will help you learn the best ways to keep your data safe, including:
  • What are farmers are increasingly expecting from agri-data and AgTech providers?
  • How can you protect your data from external threats, like hackers?
  • What can your team do internally to keep data safe?

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How to Maximize Your Agri-Data Security


If you think that your business is safe from a data breach, think again.

From credit card companies to national political parties, organizations of all sizes have been taken advantage of by hackers who want their lucrative data stores.

Your agribusiness is no exception. You may have access to personally identifying information (PII), geospatial data or other pieces of information that are very appealing to people with nefarious intentions.

That means that you’re going to need to take agri-data security seriously.


What Do Farmers Expect Regarding Agri-Data Security?

Farmers are concerned about their data security and, as someone who’s working with agri-data, you need to know how to keep that data secure. Here are a few stats to consider:

  • 77 percent are concerned about which entities can access their farm data, and whether it could be used for regulatory purposes
  • 67 percent say they will consider how outside parties use and treat their data when deciding which technology or service provider to use
  • 61 percent are worried that companies could use their data to influence market decisions


Growers know that Big Data has been game-changing in the agriculture industry. However, they also know information privacy and security can be life-or-death in the success of their site-specific operation.

In the wrong hands, the connection of data to PII could lead to unwanted regulation – or worse. It’s no wonder farmers are hesitant to sign on to new innovative and valuable tools.

However, understanding the measures put in place to protect farm data can help you reassure skeptical prospects. Here are some ways that you can protect your agri-data against both external and internal threats and, hopefully, reassure farmers that their data is safe.


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