Zero-In on Poultry Producers & Operations

Farm Market iD poultry data covers over 20,000 producers and 72,000 individual facilities, and includes: 

  • Poultry building count
  • Poultry building total square footage
  • Geospatial identification of poultry buildings
  • Over 250 farmographics, including crops, acres, Gross Farm Income, owner vs. operator status, and more

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Identify & understand poultry producers and operations. Dive into the details of each producer and their operation, including number of poultry facilities with square footage, acreage, fields, owned vs. operated acres, Gross Farm Income, and much more.

Gather satellite imagery of poultry facilities. Our geospatial analysis team can identify the poultry facilities and display them on a map alongside crop history, grain bin data and more.

Find contact information for marketing & sales campaigns. Access address, phone, email, and mobile records, and use this data to directly target poultry & hog farmers through programmatic digital marketing.

Example of Poultry Data


Poultry Data Stats

individual poultry producers


Poultry Data Stats (1)

poultry producers with 25,000+ sq. ft.


Poultry Data Stats (2)

individual poultry facilities


Poultry Data Stats (3)

phone coverage


Poultry Data Stats (4)

email coverage