The Agribusiness Guide to Buyer Personas

This free guide will walk you through:

  • What is a buyer persona?
  • Why do you need to start use personas today?
  • Why is data a critical component of building personas?
  • How can you build a persona using data?
  • How do you utilize personas in marketing and sales? 
  • What are some examples of personas commonly used in agriculture? 

Many agribusinesses claim to be customer-centric. But how do you take that aspiration and make it a reality?

It all starts with knowing who your customer is, what they’re dealing with, and how to position yourself as a helpful solution to their problem.

One helpful tool in accomplishing this goal at scale is the buyer persona, or a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on data. 

Personas can help with: 

  • Strategy & market share. Define your market based on behaviors and decision-making attributes, giving you a better sense of how your market thinks and what they respond to. 
  • Marketing communications. Distill thousands upon thousands of growers into a handful of personas, allowing personal, one-to-one communication at scale. 
  • Sales outreach. Know how the farmer thinks so you can tailor your communications and product offers to their specific needs and wants. 
The Agribusiness Guide to Buyer Personas


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This brief guide will walk you through what a persona is, how to build one using data and technology, and how to turn that persona into an actionable tool for your marketing and sales efforts.