Direct-to-Farmer Marketing Solutions.

Our data-powered solutions empower agribusinesses to turn strategic, data-driven analysis into action through targeted, contextual communications across all the major marketing channels.

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Audience Segmentation

Different farmers require different messages. Use our data and web applications to drill down into your market and build highly targeted segments for personalized & contextual messaging.


Persona Modeling

Remove the guesswork from your audience-building. Use our buyer persona modeling to identify your ideal customers and apply that segmentation to your database. 


Email Marketing

Nothing gets the farmer's attention like a notification from their inbox. Our email marketing services take your creative and connect them with the perfect audience for that message. 


Targeted Display Ads

Pay for the audience impressions, not the placement. Deliver targeted display ads to your specific segments of farmers across hundreds of websites through our data-powered programmatic advertising. 


Social Media Boosting

Facebook is the most popular social media platform among farmers. Build your social media impact by boosting your content and putting it in the news feeds of the specific farmers you're trying to reach. 


Pre-Roll Video & ConnectTV

As video becomes the most successful form of digital marketing, serve your video ads to your farmers through both online pre-roll video on sites like Hulu & YouTube and ConnectTV ads. 

About Our Data

Farm Market iD is the leading provider of agriculture data to the industry. 

Our proprietary data is built literally from the ground up, starting at ¼-acre increments of geospatial data that connects growers to the fields they own and operate. 

How Do We Source the Data?

We source data from the USDA, geospatial imagery, state and local governments, tax assessors, pesticide application and reporting data, consumer databases, and a variety of other public and private sources.

This requires a significant and continuous data science operation – our team analyzes more than 95 septillion (that’s 24 zeros) data points each year, and it’s growing exponentially as we add new categories of data to the database. 

What Do We Cover?

Our database currently consists of 2.8 million grower records, 34 million farm fields and 320+ million planted acres. 

What Makes Our Data Different?

Our data is the most accurate, detailed, comprehensive, and current in the industry:

  • Accurate. Our data is based on field-level insights, can distinguish between owner and operator and relies on objective sourcing.
  • Detailed. We can identify acreage, crop type, estimated income & financials, real estate and auto data, NDVI/vegetation, and much more.
  • Comprehensive. We cover close to 95 percent of the U.S. agriculture market, more than any other provider out there. 
  • Current. We update the entire database at least annually, with many data being updated quarterly, monthly and even weekly.



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Farm Market iD’s range of available lists and their high-quality sample has made them an ideal partner. Unfortunately, in this industry vendors are often all too willing to allow inaccurate and outdated information to remain in their databases because it pads their total number of contacts. We have never found this to the case with Farm Market iD…on all assignments, Farm Market iD has come through for us.

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